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Unlocked iPhone 4 CDMA to Work for All CDMA Carrier

Unclocked phone or iPhone? We've known for a long time where we get a locked device. Not surprising at all, even when this is happening on iPhone 4 CDMA that newly released about 2 weeks ago by Verizon Wireless.

In China, one of China Telecom claimed to have managed to open the lock on the iPhone 4 CDMA (Verizon), and then on Thursday, the Apple Lab Team announced that the iPhone 4 CDMA has made its first call in China" Apparently this will be a official version of the iPhone 4 CDMA for China, which might be slightly different because it must be equipped with a slot for sim card

Out of the above, people (mostly) like unlocked device, and finally when some devices are locked by a particular operator, they will find a way out. In the notes,the iPhone is not the one, almost all mobile devices sold with locked conditions, we can get the unlocked version with ease. JAILBREAK!!.