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TC289 PLUS Walkie Talkie by Motoplus

Been a week using TC289 PLUS, the walkie talkie device from Motoplus, its a quite nice ptt device, provides much useful features. All work fine as mentioned in the spec sheet. It has compact rugged design fits in average hand make it very comfort to be used while doing out door activities. Below are the specs and image of the Motoplus Walkie Talkie TC289.

Saturday, September 23, 2017 | |

Lumia 735 CDMA EVDO LTE 4G (Verizon)

Here we are with the new LTE 4G-enable smartphone on Verizon. Microsoft Lumia 735. In addition to its support for 4G LTE Verizon bands 700/1700MHz, Lumia 735 also works on CDMA network frequencies at 800 and 1900MHz for up to 3G 3.5Mbps internet speed via EVDO Rev.A technology. Note: the Verizon model of the Lumia 735 is works only on CDMA and LTE bands, meanwhile, other version made for LTE and GSM without CDMA network support).

Friday, July 10, 2015 | |

Alcatel MiFi LINK 4G+ 802.11ac (Y900)

Mobile hotspot device with WiFi ac, this is the latest by Alcatel named LINK 4G+, basically is the device similar called MiFi with 4G network support up to LTE and FDD-LTE for up to 300Mbps download speed. At least there are two models entered into Y900 model, y900 LED (with LED display) and y900 LCD model (with LCD display. Both are offers same WiFi ac 2.4/GHz technology, up to 32 devices connected simultaneously, same network support ranging from basic GSM cellular frequencies, UMTS bands for HSDPA, HSPA+ network up to LTE FDD and more.

Monday, June 8, 2015 | |

Sonim XP6 Android QWERTY Rugged PTT Smartphone (ATT)

This is the ATT model of the SONIM XP6, the rugged smartphone with numeric keypad. Basically, XP6 is an Android-powered device, so don't get me wrong to call it a rugged smartphone. However, it’s also an old-model cell phone with typical numeric keypad, or may be more appropriate to see it as a cell phone with smart brain in an old body. Moreover, it did not seem appropriate also refer to the keypad as an old-style, because the fact is, the most comfortable tool to write short messages is via keypad , and clear up the current 'old style' it still has many fans.

Saturday, June 6, 2015 | |

ATT Unite Pro (NetGear 781s) LTE HSPA+ MiFi (ATT)

There are many advantages to be had by using MiFi. Besides compact and can be taken anywhere, MiFi offers more convenience in use, such as; when you sit in the lobby and you need an Internet connection, while the internet network is not there. Many people agree if using MiFi device is more reliable than using the hotspot feature on a smartphones which of course will be the bad effects for smartphones, especially for batteries that will dry quickly. The rest of the excess and lack of the MiFi and the tether can be read here.

Friday, June 5, 2015 | |