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I really liked the development of technology. One of them is Internet technology. The network technology I try to concern is the CDMA network. This blog contains related topics and try to review and talking about the network technology used in cell phones, smartphones, mobile hotspot, devices, usb modem, MiFi and all related device, covering CDMA20001xRTT, CDMA EVDO Rev.0, Rev. A, Rev. B, WIMAX network, LTE 4G. All the related devices include phones with cdma-based network, dual band CDMA-GSM, CDMA with WIMAX and CDMA smartphone with LTE 4G support.

It has become popular on the use of the CDMA network, especially in the years 2009-2010. As we know, the development of the growing CDMA network technology and widely used. Therefore, more and more also needed devices (modem CDMA) that can be used that network. In this case a MODEM device. In this blog, I will try to give the information about CDMA MODEM that usually using USB as its interface, and other information relating to the wireless broadband network technology. CDMA 2000 1X is already popular in the frequency of 800 and 1900MHz. Whereas today, the new CDMA technology has emerged, namely CDMA EV-DO Rev A and EVDO Rev B.

There are two kinds of the CDMA network that is popular based on the radio frequency used, 800 Mhz and 1900 Mhz. The modem that supports both frequencies are often called the dual band CDMA Modem, means that it can be used for CDMA 800 MHz  as well 1900 MHz. Both CDMA frequencies are commonly used by a carrier separately where some using 800 and 1900 for others (the frequencies usage is regulated by special agency in each region (country). But there is no different in terms of its faster broadband data (EVDO) that also known as the 3G wireless broadband connectivity for CDMA-based networks.

EVDO, also known as EV-DO, 1xEV-DO 1xEvDO and is a standard in high-speed wireless broadband. EVDO stands for "Evolution, Data Only" or "Evolution, Data Optimized". The term officially issued by the Telecommunications Industry Association is CDMA2000, is a high-speed data interface on air media. EVDO one of two main kinds of wireless standard 3rd generation or 3G. As for other standards are W-CDMA.

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