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LG VN 170 Revere 3 CDMA 20001x basic flip cellphone (Verizon)

Another basic cell phone with flip form factor from LG called LG Revere 3, code-numbered LG VN170, works on CDMA 1x network at 800MHz and 1900 MHz PCS frequency. It offers basic purposes of a cell phone including voice call and text messages service. No doubt, this model is the successor of previous model Revere 2 and original Revere 1.

As we knew, flip model for a basic phone is still have its own fans. In additions to its long lasting battery, this model is also has became the most comfortable device for vocie call and text message. However, other features are also planned into this LG VN170 including a 1.3MP rear camera for up to 1280px image capture as well a 256MB internal memory (approx. 90MB usable).

LG VN 170 Revere 3 CDMA 20001x basic flip cellphone (Verizon) closed image

LG VN 170 Revere 3 CDMA basic flip cellphone specs:
Network: CDMA
Bands: CDMA 800, PCS 1900MHz CDMA
Data: CDMA1x2000 RTT
Processor: Qualcomm
Memory: 256MB
Display: Internal: 262K Color TFT, 2.2" 176 x 220 pixels, External: Monochrome, 0.98"
Camera: 1.3MP rear, up to 1280p image capture, 640 x 480, and 320 x 240 pixels, equipped with night mode to improves photo quality in low-light environments by increasing light exposure.
Internal Storage: 85MB
MicroSD slot: N/A
Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.1 EDR ready

Features: Text and voice message ready, Web Mobile ready (Verizon Wireless® service required. Features based on carrier program availability. Product features subject to change. Additional charges may apply.), Voice Commands, Calculator, Ez Tip Calculator, Eco-Calculator, Calendar, Alarm Clock, Info Search, Stopwatch, World Clock, and Notepad, phone book Include multiple phone numbers and email addresses plus a street address, ringtone, message tone, picture ID (Depends on photos stored in your gallery), and more with each contact
Dimensions: 3.86" (H) x 2.01" (W) x 0.74" (D)
Weight: 3.46 oz
Battery: 950mAh (6 hours talk time, up to 15 days stand by)

LG VN 170 Revere 3 CDMA 20001x basic flip cellphone (Verizon) opened image

The LG revere3 VN170 is available with Verizon since August 2014.

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Manual download link:
File: VN170_VZW_UG_Web_EN_V1.0_140717.pdf
Link: 4.07MB

Software update for LG Revere3 VN170
Still N/A (be updated soon as available from the official page)

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