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WiFi Tether vs. MiFi device vs. Router WiFi - Mobile Hotspot Guide

WiFi Tether vs. MiFi device vs. Router WiFi

There are too many internet connections offered by providers in making larger options for customers, cable network, Fiber Optic, satellite, wireless and so on. Concern to Wi-Fi connectivity, here in this post we will try to talking about this type of internet connection including tools and devices concerned. The most popular device is the MiFi that also popular called as Mobile Hotspot device, the next is Wi-Fi router in second place and the third is smartphone Wi-Fi tether.

Tethering is a feature, which allows a phone to share internet connection to other capable-devices. WiFi tether for WiFi-enabled devices, Bluetooth tether for Bluetooth-capable devices and so on. Some smartphones need to be rooted and many of today’s phones, specifically Android phones are have this tethering feature by default. So which one of these devices matched for your needs?

Firstly, make sure you know how far you need the internet connection. Therefore, you can decide the data plan you choose and then choosing the right supported-devices by considering between budgets and your needs. Therefore, here we are to put a little bit explanations about the differences, advantages and disadvantages of every mobile hotspot device technically.

Smartphone Wi-Fi Tether

WiFi tether is a special feature on a smartphone that allows the device to use as a terminal, where its work accepting the wireless internet connections and share it to other devices with WiFi enabled technology (WiFi-equipped devices). What are the differences when compared to MiFi (mobile hotspot) and WiFi router (Gateway)? The main function of a Smartphone is not for that (tether). Therefore, user will experienced some limitation related to the usage of the device for the long time (heavyweight user).

Pros and cons of tethering

The first cons of the tethering probably located at the limitation of connected devices (perhaps up to 10 devices for nowadays high end smartphone, over 4G service of course). Other negative affect probably on it smartphone its self, since Wi-Fi transmitting required more power (battery), the more connected devices the more power needed; means its draining your smartphone battery quickly, than next user may should connect the phone to wall charger while in use. The battery performance would soon decreases and so with the phone.

However, behind the bad things above, tethering Wi-Fi via smartphone also has some advantages such as; multi-function, user don’t need to buy more device to share the connection. One single smartphone can be used as a device to share the internet, in the next time can be used as its usual duties.
Conclusion: Wi-Fi tether seems most suitable for the internet connection in the category of "rare", although there are users operate continuously.

That’s the advantages and disadvantages of using tethering feature on a smartphone for sharing the internet connection, and the next point is probably better choice for tethering; 

Mi-Fi (Portable Hotspot Device)
This is much different from smartphone tether, the Mi-Fi is made and designed to.....
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