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Speed Up SU-8800MBR, Router Multi Band, GSM, CDMA, 3G EVDO

This is the most complette router modem device. You can use it as a router at Modem CDMA USB, PCMIA and Expresscard whatever CDMA 1x2000, EVDO and EVDO roev A.. And also GSM Modem, USB, PCMIA Exprescard, in network GPRS/EDGE, 3G, HSDPS, HSUPA etc.

Speed Up SU-8800MBR

Network Interface :   
Mobile WAN: 1x USB 2.0 port and 1x PCMCIA type II slot
Wired WAN/LAN: 10/100Mbps, auto MDI/MDIX RJ45 port
Wireless LAN: 1.8dBi di-pole antenna

Wireless Support
Standard: IEEE 802.11b/g
Security: 64-bit/128-bit WEP Encryption; WPA/WPA2 Encryption

Wired WAN: Static IP/Dynamic IP/PPPoE
NAT: One-to-Many (Max 253 users) Virtual Server, DMZ Host
VPN Pass Through: PPTP/L2TP/IPSec
Access Control: MAC filter, SPI firewall
Config Management: Web-based UI./SNMP/UPnP

Certification: FCC, CE, RoHS Compliant
Package: Dimension : 535 x 397 x 420mm
Weight: 0.78 Kg
Power Supply: 5V/3A switching adapter

Working Environment:
Temperature: 5-50oC
Humidity: 5%-95% non-condensing

Compatible with GSM Modems:

Huawei E612 UMTS R7.00b0PCMCIA     
Sierra AC850 HSDPA R7.00b0 PCMCIA    
Sierra AC875 UMTS R7.00b0PCMCIA    
Sierra AC880 HSDPA R7.00c2PCMCIA    
Sony Ericsson GC83 eDGE R7.00b0 PCMCIA    
LighSpeed EDGE-100M EDGE R7.00b0 PCMCIA    
LighSpeed EDGE-100N EDGE R7.00b0 PCMCIA    
IPWireless IPWireless_V1 UMTS R7.00b0 PCMCIA    
IPWireless IPWireless_V3 UMTS R7.00c0 PCMCIA    
ZTE MF332 HSDPA R7.00b0 PCMCIA    
Kyocera Iburst PC card  R7.00b0 PCMCIA    
Eston 611P EDGE R7.00b0 PCMCIA    
Maxon USB3-8521N/A R7.00b0 USB    
Vodafone EasyBox HSDPA R7.00b0 USB    
Novatel MC950D HSDPA R7.00b4 USB    
Sony Ericsson MD300 HSDPA R7.00c3 USB    
ZTE MF620 HSDPA R7.00b4 USB    
Option Globe Trotter UMTS R7.00b3 PCMCIA    
Sierra AC881 HSDPA R7.00c5     PCMCIA    
BandLuxe C120 HSDPA R7.02 BandLuxe USB
BandLuxe C100 HSDPA R7.02 BandLuxe EXPRESS
BandLuxe C120 Flash HSDPA R7.02 BandLuxe USB
SpeedUp SU-8300U  HSDPA R7.02 SpeedUp3.5G USB
SpeedUp SU-8200U HSDPA R7.02 SpeedUp3.5G USB
SpeedUp SU-8300U HSDPA R7.02 SpeedUp3.5G USB
SpeedUp SU-8200U HSDPA R7.02 SpeedUp3.5G USB
SpeedUp SU-8200U HSDPA R7.02 SpeedUp3.5G USB
SpeedUp SU-9000U HSUPA R7.02 HSPA USB Modem USB
Option Icon 225 HSDPA R7.02 GlobeTrotter HSDPA Modem USB
Option GT Fusion Quad  UMTS R7.02 GlobeTrotter Fusion PCMCIA
Option GT Max HSDPA R7.02 GlobeTrotter 3G+     PCMCIA
Option Icon 1.8 HSDPA R7.02 GlobeSurfer ICON USB
Option Icon 7.2 HSDPA R7.02 GTM378     USB
Huawei E220 HSDPA R7.02 E220 USB
Huawei E160 HSDPA R7.02 E160 USB
Huawei E169 HSDPA R7.02 E169 USB
Huawei E600 UMTS R7.02 E600 PCMCIA
Huawei E690 HSDPA R7.02 E690 USB
Huawei E1752 HSDPA R7.04a6 E1752 USB
Huawei E1550 HSDPA R7.04a6 3G Modem USB
SpeedUp SU-8100 HSDPA R7.03a1 Modem USB
SpeedUp SU-8100 HSDPA R7.03a1 Modem USB
SpeedUp SU-8100 HSDPA R7.03a1 Modem USB
SpeedUp SU-8300 HSDPA R7.03a6 SU-8300 USB
SpeedUp SU-8600 HSDPA R7.03a6 SU-8600 USB
SpeedUp SU-8500U HSDPA R7.03a6 SU-8500 USB
SpeedUp SU-8500 HSDPA R7.03a6 SU-8500 USB
SpeedUp SU-9000HSUPA R7.03a6 HSPA USB Modem USB
BandLuxe C170 HSDPA R7.03a1 C-179 USB
BandLuxe C170 HSDPA R7.03a6 C-170 USB
BandLuxe C270 HSUPA R7.03a1 C-279     USB
BandLuxe C270 HSUPA R7.03a6 C-270 USB

SU-8800MBR Compatible with CDMA Modems below:
Novatel  ES720 EVDO R7.00b0 USB
Novatel U727 EVDO R7.00b4 USB    
Version ES720 EVDO R7.00b0  USB
Eston 501P CDMA 1x R7.00b0 PCMCIA    
ITON530C GlobeTrotter CDMA 1x R7.00b0 PCMCIA
Sierra AC595 EVDO R7.00b0 PCMCIA
Kyocera KPC650 EVDO R7.00b4 PCMCIA
C-Motech CDC-650 EVDO R7.00b0 PCMCIA
SpeedUp SU-6200U CDMA 1x R7.02 3G Modem USB
SpeedUp SU-6300U CDMA 1x R7.02 3G Modem USB
Growell C803 EVDO R7.02 Growell C803 PCMCIA
Maxon MM-5500U EVDO R7.02     MM-5500U USB
Axesstel MV140B EVDO REV.A R7.02 3G/EVDO Modem USB
Pantech PX-500 EVDO R7.02 PX-500 PCMCIA

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