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UPDATE : March 21, 2011 - HTC 7 Pro CDMA officiall launched by Sprint on March 21, 2011 under the name " HTC Arrive".

HTC 7 Pro has arrived, and brought a new flavor in today's gadget with a bandage belongs to Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows Mobile 7. It seems clearly aimed at business people with many activities of the e-mail and other office applications. HTC 7 Pro CDMA is available in both GSM and CDMA network.

What about the keyboard? QWERTY keyboard that is almost similar to other recent HTC series, in this case HTC Desire Z. HTC 7 Pro has a keyboard that looked a little bigger, with big enough buttons too. It seems that this design caused by the main body adjusts to the smartphone. But in general, no significant problems within HTC 7 Pro CDMA keyboard.

HTC 7 Pro Network Technology. HTC 7 Pro deliberately made to walk on a CDMA network and EV-Do 20001x rev. A, in addition there is another version that runs on GSM networks, HSDPA and HSUPA. This may be the first smartphone with Windows 7 Phone Operating System that supports 2G and 3G CDMA networks.

In general, more precise HTC 7 Pro CDMA square shaped with an arch at each corner. From the other side next to the side, will look like a smartphone with a large screen like the others, but have like a laptop keyboard that juts at an angle of 150 degrees. it seems no problem with this design, and still quite convenient to write e-mails in an open position with its QWERTY keyboard.

Actually its size is quite big and bold with a big keyboard and a big 1500mAh battery integrated. The display is designed very well and created the elegant and exlusive form. We can find a volume button, camera button and a microUSB Slot on the side.

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