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Kyocera CDMA - Download USB Cable Driver - As a PC Modem

Almost of Kyocera CDMA phones can be used as a modem for PCs or laptops. What You need is a USB cable (kyocera), Cable Driver and important to notice, that data functions is depending on what provider you use. Some provider in some country, lets users to use all devices (phone cell, usb modem, ect) to access data from PC and Laptops, by providing special Dial Up Number, Username and Password. And some not.

USB Cable Drivers
Kyocera Serial data cables or USB data cables are required to use your Kyocera phone as a wireless modem or to take advantage of the features of the Kyocera Phone Desktop Software or the Kyocera Mobile PhoneTools® Software.

Update your USB data drivers with the newest version for improved performance when using Windows® XP and Windows 2000 (drivers are not required for Serial data cables). It also includes additional drivers for a variety of Kyocera USB cables.

List of all driver :

Download Updater, 2.4 (6.62 MB)

Guides in .PDF - Use Your Kyocera Phone as modem:
For PC (Windows)
For Macintosh

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