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Sierra Wireless AirCard 313 U - LTE USB Modem (LTE Rocket Stick - Rogers)

AirCard 313 U is the USB Modem dubbed "LTE Rocket stick" works on Canadian carrier, Rogers, that announced their very first LTE 4G service in Ottawa, Canada, as a part of their plan to lauch LTE network in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver and total 21 markets by the end ot this year.

AirCard 313U - LTE Rocket Stick Specifications:
Network : LTE service via AWS Connectivity on the Rogers Network
Triband HSPA+/Quadband EDGE, Rogers 4G HSPA+
Model : USB Stick
Antenna : Internal
Stand Alone GPS, A-GPS
MicroSD Slot up to 32 GB
OS Supported : Windows 7, Vista, XP, Mac OS x 10.5 and later

The LTE Rocket stick (Sierra AirCard 331U) planed to coming to Ottawa this summer for $79.99 with a 3-year hardware discount agreement or for $169.99 in no term. More

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