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Motorola Photon Q LTE - the next 4G smartphone for Sprint?

Photon Motorola Q - We do not heard the name before until finally sounded the news about LTE smartphone made ​​by Motorola with name Photon Q which will be launched by Sprint in the near future. It is unclear whether this is the successor of the Motorola Photon (global and wimax), but clearly Photon Q wimax will not support anymore, but 4G LTE. Rumors say that the Motorola Photon Q will offer a QWERTY slider keyboard, running Android 4.0 ICS and of course, armed with dual-core processor (most likely Snapdragon S4), NFC ready and touch screen with large enough dimensions. There has been no detailed explanation of this LTE devices. Another possibility Motorola Photon Q is a smartphone with support for global networks (as Photon) is designed to run on GSM, CDMA and 4G LTE on 1900MHz frequency (band 25 LTE). Not clear whether this is the device that visit FCC in early July with the model number XT897?. Stay alert!
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Thursday, July 26, 2012 | |