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One Touch Scribe HD and Easy Variant by Alcatel - Specs Comparison

In One Touch Scribe family, Alcatel has two-variant at least, the Scribe HD and Scribe Easy. Both offer main flagship called Scribe Note, allow user to write notes anywhere, pictures, edit it and share. Meanwhile, the form factor is similar with a speaker holes next to front camera over its 5-Inch display, no physical button at the bottom of the Scribe, and a rear camera designed in the middle top of the back side.
Scribe Alcatel, Scribe Easy HSDPA
Alcatel Scribe Easy HSDPA
The differences between two Scribe are located on processor, camera, display technology used. Scribe Easy using common WVGA display at 480x800p, while Scribe HD using IPS technology at 720x1280 pixels. 8 mp camera planted on Scribe HD as its main rear shooter with LED, AF and 1080p video support, while the Easy only 5 mp and a 1.3 mp front facing camera. While the Scribe easy has only 720p video recording support and a VGA front shooter.

And here is the big deal of both smartphone by Alcatel in Scribe variant located the processor and cellular data support. One Touch Scribe HD equipped with quad-core processor clocked to 1.2GHz and 1GB RAM, while the Scribe Easy has only dua-core processor and 512 GB RAM. Meanwhile on the network, Scribe HD blessed with up to HSPA+ network for up to 42 Mbps internet connections, and Scribe Easy only has HSDPA HSUPA for up to 7 Mbps download. Other hardware remain same includes the battery,
Alcatel One Touch Scribe HD, HSPA+ network support
Alcatel Scribe HD HSPA+

Judging from both specs, its clear that the company bid two different market for Alcatel phone with S-pen feature. Scribe HD aimed for end-level market with higher specs including cellular data support up to HSPA+ for 42 Mbps connection, and Scribe Easy aimed for mid-range market with slightly lower specs and 3G internet data support on HSDPA for up to 7 Mbps connections.

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