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HiSuit v1.8.10.1506 Download (Huawei phones PC Connectivity) - Security Enhancements

Download the latest version of the HiSuite software version: This new 2013 improved version of Huawei's HiSuite PC connectivity suite is now available for all Huawei HiSuite users globally.

Enhancements include:
1. Added support for MMS and the scheduling function.
2. Optimized Wi-Fi connections to better secure data transmissions.

Supported phones and tablet:Huawei U8500/C8500 U8510 U8600/S8600/C8600 U8667 U8650 U8800/C8800 T8830 U8850/C8850 U8860/C8860 U9200 U9500 U9510 G700 D2-2010 Huawei MediaPad. Download link after the break / below:

HiSuite download link:
HiSuite v1.8.10.1506
37.77MB | RAR | Update: 2013-03-18 :
File: HiSuiteSetup v1.8.10.1506

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