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Galaxy S 4 1080p Display, 5" Full HD, Air View, Dual-Shoot, Smart-Pause and more

Here how we finally meet the real Samsung Galaxy S 4, the company's latest flagship on high-specs smartphone. Above all, there is Android version 4.2.2, run perfectly on screen full HD thanks to the Super AMOLED Plus technology are powered by the latest generation processor, Exynos 5 Octa (another variant using Snapdragon 600 series 1.6 GHz Quad-core processor from Qualcomm), offers quad-core speeds up to 1.6 GHz and is backed by 2GB of RAM. Other features include 13 megapixels rear camera, front camera 2 megapixels, both of which can record video in HD quality.

Samsung Galaxy S 4, Galaxy S IV

Galaxy S 4 also entered in a line of the smartphone with a 1080p screen. The screen size of 5 inches with Super AMOLED technology produces a depth resolution of up to 1080 x 1920 pixels. The design is generally similar to the previous generation, it's just naturally have larger overall dimensions because it is bigger. Oh yes, the physical buttons at the bottom.

While T-Mobile and AT&T open the signup page, we found some interesting things from the demo. Air View, users can interact simply by hovering fingers over the screen. Another interesting feature called Smart Pause eye-tracking, where the currently playing video will automatically pause when there is no eye that sees and re-play when the eye back towards the screen. NFC on the Galaxy S 4 can also be used to exchange files and play songs from and to other phones. Meanwhile, other interesting features include dual-shot, which allows the recording of both cameras are combined into one.

For the support of mobile network, the Samsung Galaxy S 4 is equipped with the ability to LTE 4G network, and the main support for the data using GPRS, EDGE to HSDPA + on the frequency of quad-band GSM and UMTS. No words about the Galaxy S 4 CDMA-LTE version, but it does not seem to be long, because it looks like Verizon and Sprint probably will not miss it. (cdma-tech blog)

Samsung Galaxy S 4 with CDMA LTE and GSM network support officially available with Verizon, Sprint and US. Cellular. Galaxy S 4 Sprint SPH-L720 CDMA GSM LTE, Verizon model: SCH-i545, US. Cellular model: SCH-R970.

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