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Huawei EC 167 : CDMA USB MODEM 2000 1x EVDO Rev A

Huawei is one of the well-known modem manufacturers - both GSM and CDMA. One of it products is Huawei CE 167. Huawei EC 167 is the USB CDMA Modem that supports CDMA 2000 1X and CDMA EVDO Rev.A network. The additional MMC slot  is ready to maximum 8 Gb of microSD card storage. The driver is almost support all PCs Operating System in the world, including Windows XP, Seven,  Win Vista, MacOS X and few of Linux OS. Here are the pictures:

Huawei EC 167 : USB CDMA EVDO Rev A Modem
Huawei EC 167 Specifiction:
Bundled with AHA Internet - Bakrie Telecom (BConnect)
CDMA USB 2000 1x with max speed 200 Kbps
CDMA Evdo rev A max speed 3,1 Mbps
Slot memory card up to 8 Gb
Support OS windows XP, 7 and Vista, OS mac and Linux
Plug and play with bundling Google Chrome browser integrated

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