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ZTE AC2790 EVDO Rev B [USB Modem]

Since EVDO REV. B inaugurated the three-month trial in Bali, Indonesia, many people looking for information about particular USB modem that supports CDMA EVDO Rev. B network. SMART Telecom, a company that working with ZTE and Qualcomm, reportedly using a two types of modem that supports EVDO Rev B, namely: ZTE AC2790 and ZTE AC600. Both support 20001xRTT CDMA and CDMA EVDO Rev B.

Specification : ZTE AC2790 EVDO Rev B
Network :CDMA2000 1X /CDMA EDVO Rev B
Maximum downspeed : 9.3Mbps
Maximum Upload : 4.9 Mbps
Device type :USB
OS supported:Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Linux/Mac
Micro SD
Dimension : 80mm×36mm×13mm

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