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Ivio IV 2010U CDMA EVDO Usb Modem

This USB modem supports CDMA 20001xRTT networks, and also supports CDMA EVDO Rev.A. Like other CDMA modem, the modem drivers is already embedded in the memory.
To use it,just insert a usb modem to the computer usb port and the driver will automatically run itself. Plug and Play. Nothing special in this modem, even there is one drawback, this modem only supports CDMA 800 Mhz. So clearly can not be used for operators that use CDMA 1900Mhz band.

IVIO IV 2010 U Specification:
Network : CDMA 20001xRTT, EVDO capable
Bands : 800 Mhz only
Platform: QSC 6500 EVDO
Model : USB Stick
Support: DL/UL up to 153.6 Kbps
SMS and Dialer
Support: Window 7
Driver :Plug and Play

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