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Sierra Wireless Announced New 3G 4G LTE Embedded Modules

Sierra Wireless introduced it new generation of 4G LTE modules for mobile devices including notebooks, tablets, laptops and so on. According to the PR, since their LTE products introduced at CES 2011, the company has been selling more than 2 million 4G devices to consumers around the world, and even sales increased by 66% in mid-2012, along with the development of smartphones and tablet industry.
All the latest product in the AirPrime EM and MC series is the second 4G module designed to support all LTE frequencies used by operators around the world. Not only that, users do not need to worry about the latest series of drivers since it supports Windows 8, supports the Windows version below. To answer one of the important challenges related to power consumption, all of the new MC and EM Series modules are optimized for low power consumption.

"The AirPrime EM7355, AirPrime EM7305, and AirPrime EM7330 are the first AirPrime modules built to the new PCI Express M.2 module standard, making them even thinner and smaller than the AirPrime EM7700 module, which was introduced earlier this year as the thinnest 4G module available. Each module offers multi-operator LTE support with sets of frequency bands for specific regions – one for North America, one for EMEA and Australia, and one for Japan.

The AirPrime MC7355, AirPrime MC7305, and AirPrime MC7330 are PCI Express Mini Card modules designed for use in notebook computers. Like their EM Series counterparts, the AirPrime MC73xx modules offer multi-operator LTE support and differ in the set of frequency bands supported on each."

All the 4G LTE module is also compatible with 2G and 3G networks and is expected to be available in many versions support network in use, starting from CDMA1X, EVDO 3G, EDGE, UMTS HSDPA, HSPA + include will support all the desired spectrum. All the above Module LTE 4G is planned to begin shipping in mid-2013 to Q4 of the year.

source: Sierra Wireless

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