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Huawei E3276 LTE 4G USB Modem Review

For anyone who still confident using USB modem for their internet connection, here we are with the new one from Huawei, the well-known dongle modem maker, Huawei E3276. Its a 4G LTE-enabled USB device at LTE-FDD 800/900/2600/1800/2100MHz, available all over the world almost sit on every stores for networking tools worldwide where there is a 4G LTE provider. The Huawei E3276 also works on slower data via GSM, UMTS bands. Hope a little review below be useful.

The form factor and its appearance is no different at all compared to similar 3G (GSM, HSPA, CDMA EVDO) USB modem. According to my hands, its just a bit heavier and bolder than average 3G modem. Fold-able USB connector on Huawei E3276 is very useful for laptops user since its ca be folded certically for some reasons, however its not really new here since we find it in much old USB modems, as well as the slot for micdoSD and what so-called ZeroCD for the ease of first installation.

 Huawei E3276 LTE 4G USB Modem picture

Testing performance and temperature
Installing modem runs perfect on my Windows 7 32-bit OS, without much time my Laptop detected the modem easily, as well with the connection manager installations. The LTE 4G signals shows 2 bar here in my small room, connecting to the network and connected. The first think I want to know is the speed of the internet connections using Huawei E3276 LTE Modem. site tells me the download speed is 20Mbps and the upload is 15Mbps. The speed of the device its self is 100Mbps, but the speed result may not too accurate and sure I don't really know the maximum speed of LTE 4G offered by provider here in my country, but its still be the fast internet speed for me my self.

Using Huawei E3276 all the day almost drains my quota (data plan). Video streaming, downloading files without any problem and its reach about 5GB, sorry.. the prize of qouta (data) is little bit expensive here :). The next thing I can tell you is the performance of the modem after about 8-10 hours if usage. Its little bit hot, I mean really hot for an external device I compared to the bottom side of my laptop's screen. However in this temperature, the Huawei E3276 is still shows good performance as the first time when still cold. Its probably because its a brand new device and what will happen after next 1 month, 2 months? Perhaps I will tell you in future posting, but not promise.

The Huawei E3276 is good choice for USB modem user. Its has good design with fold-able USB connector, LTE 4G broadband ready and shows a good enough performance as reviewed above. Oh.. I almost forgot to tell the prize. Its cost about $20 - $25 USD, different stores different prize.

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