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How to Set: Dual SIM CDMA-GSM (Locked) Phone Works as Dual GSM or Dual-On GSM CDMA

Several smartphones launched by default equipped with the ability to works on CDMA and GSM network bands. Commonly available with CDMA based carriers. Unfortunately, usually the GSM network is locked and can't be used even when GSM SIM card is attached. Normally, the CDMA SIM slot works as its duty and another one GSM SIM slot works too, but the GSM won't appear. Having this trouble on your lovely dual SIM smartphone, the following are the solutions:

There are two ways to make the dual CDMA GSM smartphone works as dual GSM or dual on GSM CDMA. First, a little bit hard way is by rooting the smartphone, choose and install supported Android OS and done. But rooting is likely brings some risks, product warranty is no longer applicable, was one of them. But also the many advantages of "rooting", especially for Android advanced users.

Second, the easy way to make Dual CDMA GSM phone works is by installing the apps that has Mobile Testing feature. I find one that is simple enough for this purpose, in addition to many other features related to the UI and overall display screen. It called Nova Launcher (free, just go to Google Play Store Appa) and let’s star set up the dual CDMA GSM smartphone works as it should be.

Detail steps how to Set: Dual SIM CDMA-GSM (Locked) Phone Works as Dual GSM or Dual-On GSM CDMA

1. Download the launcher
2. Install the Launcher
3. Shut down your Android device
4. Detach the CDMA SIM card and Insert GSM SIM card in CDMA slot, let the default GSM slot free or fill it with other GSM SIM.
5. Switch on your Dual SIM CDMA GSM Smartphone (new menus should appear in Add to home screen Menu)
6. Go to Main Screen, touch it and hold, choose Shortcut - Activities - Setting - Testing.
- New icon named "Testing" should appears on your screen

set up cdma gsm dual work

Next steps:
8. Tap Testing - Phone Information - Phone Info (SIM 1)
By default it shows CDMA auto (PRL)
9. Tap the CDMA auto (PRL) and choose GSM auto (PRL) - scroll down - Refresh or Update - Wait for seconds, the signal bar at the top should show GSM signal.
- This feature works force phone to only recognize band frequency based on selected network.

selecting gsm auto (prl) pics

Set SIM Card 2 on GSM network:

Do step 7 and select SIM 2 on the Phone Info - choose GSM auto (PRL) or GSM Only - Refresh or Update, wait a seconds and DONE. Congrats, your dual CDMA GSM Phone is now Dual GSM.

Set APN to activated internet data.

1. Go to step 6 and choose APNs
2. The APN name or number should appears automatically (on my cheap Android 4.3 Smartphone)

- SIM 1 (default CDMA SIM slot) can be used (works) as GSM slot by put in the GSM SIM.
- SIM 2 (default GSM SIM Slot) can't be used and works for CDMA
- SIM 2 (default GSM SIM Slot) for GSM SIM only but didn't work for DATA even when it stand-alone (SIM 1 empty)
- The internet DATA is via SLOT 1 only (Slot 2 won't works for DATA), but works for standard GSM services.

The way above is proven to work in my DUAL CDMA GSM smartphone made by Harrier, should be works too for other similar smartphone but did not rule does not work for a particular brand and OS version. Please try, who knows your smartphone work this way. It may also be one way that the smartphone might be neglected due to network problems, can be used again.

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