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MHS800L Verizon Elipsis Jetpack pure LTE 700 1700 MHz Only MiFi

Elipsis MHS800L - MHS800LPP LTE MiFi

The new Verizon's Jetpack MiFi works only on LTE band 13 and ready for XLTE 1700MHz (band 4). It makes the device will not works with other available network such as CDMA EVDO Rev.A or GSM global network. WiFi BGN 2.4 GHz frequency and up t0 8-devices connected seems to be another big deal for its lower price compared to other similar WiFi portable devices (Jetpack 6620 L)

Users can use the microUSB port for charging and PC connectivity, NOT for USB tethering. Tethering modem connections (USB tether) is not available on MHS800L.

Verizon JEtpack MHS800L

MHS800L Verizon Elipsis Jetpack pure LTE 700 1700 MHz specs:

Network: LTE Band 13 (700MHz), LTE Band 4 (1700MHz - XLTE)
Data: 4G LTE
Chipset: Qualcomm
RAM: 256 MB
Memory: -
Display: Monochrome
SIM card: Removable
Informations: Network Signal Strength, Activity Indicator, Connected Devices, Roaming Indicator, Messages, Battery Charge Indicator, Charging, SIM Indicator
Antenna: Internal
External antenna port: N/A
WiFi: 802.11 ABGN 2.4 GHz, up to 8 devices
maker: Franklin Wireless
Battery: 2100 mAh up to 10 hours

Pros and Cons of Elipsis Jetpack MHS800L

+ for 4G LTE
+ Price
+ Good battery life

- for No removable battery
for up to 8 connected devices
- for WiFi 2.4 GHz only
- for LTE only ( 700 and 1700 only)
for non USB tethering support

MiFi MHS800L Verizon Elipsis Jetpack pure LTE 700 1700 MHz MiFi is available with Verizon for $0.99 with a 2-year contract.

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