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LG FM300 LTE Turbobox Vodafone

LG FM300 is the LTE 4G modem available with Vodafone, using the company's name the Vodafone eLTE Turbobox. It works with LTE 800Mhz band only and using SIM-card module for operation. In general, this is a special box called Turbobox, while in which there is LTE modem made by LG (FM300). The use of this model is slightly complicated (when compared with the LTE USB modems or the Mi-Fi), which can only work with other devices, DLS router (EasyB0x) which of course is connected to a wired network.

Turbobox LG FM300 Specs:
Model: Box, Modem (LTE cat 3 - 3gpp release 8)
Band: LTE 800 Mhz
Antenna: External 2x
Connectivity: LAN (Ethernet standard), USB 2.0
Wi-FI: N/A
MIMO support: Yes
Download: up to 50 Mbps
Upload: Up to 10 Mbps

Perhaps the connection methods such above is not practical for most users, because in addition to working with other tools, is also not the type of device that can be brought on the go. While for the users who are "not move a lot" in the office or home, it still could be another option for enjoying the 4G connection.

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