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LTE 4G Booster, Amplifier, Repeater

Are you not satisfied with the 4G connection do you have? Because of the signal is weak or inappropriate locations such as indoors, walls and other obstructions. Maybe you intend to fix it with a device commonly called a booster, amplifier and a repeater. Here're some guides regarding to this device:

What is Booster?
Booster commonly called as a signal amplifier or often dubbed as well as amplifiers or repeaters. Booster works like a wireless antenna that captures signals (TV, broadband, the internet, mobile, data) and sends them to your main device (phone, modems, Mi-Fi, WiFi-enabled devices, TVs, etc). Booster device is usually available in different types based on the gain (db), 15, 25, 20, 70 db and so on. Further discussion about the technique rather than point this time.

Just like the description above, the booster is used for wireless Internet data, whether that use CDMA networks, GSM, WiMAX and LTE, including Mi-Fi (mobile hotspot). Locations with poor signal typically at:
- Basement, room, special room
- Cars, boats, yacth, trains
- Edge of town, rural
- Border regions that use different frequencies

4G LTE Booster
As in the booster for other networks, the amplifier LTE is also working based on frequency. Verizon Wireless uses 700MHz frequencies for their LTE networks. Similarly to other providers in the U.S. that use LTE. In some areas of Europe uses LTE 800 MHz and 2500 MHz. Note: The use of the spectrum in each country / territory regulated by the ITU and the authorities in each country / region concerned.

It is need to be noted correctly that the booster did not work alone. This device works in conjunction with the antenna (outdoor receiver) connected via cable to the booster device. Put it simply, if you buy a booster, then you should also purchase an outdoor antenna, cable and indoor antenna. External antenna, cable and the internal antenna is usually sold separately, except for the power adapter

Where to find a booster for purchase
Booster device usually is available in electronic stores, cell phone stores, computer or network device-specific stores. Online stores like You can also dig in to Amazon or Ebay to find it. Out there we are also often able to find similar products originating from China, which usually offer an attractive price. However as usual, you certainly have your own choice for the products you buy based on brand, quality, warranty and the things that you feel comfortable and safe. See all the LTE enabled devices.

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