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Huawei Glory (M886) EVDO Rev. B Smartphone (Cricket)

Huawei M886 Glory is the name of the new upcoming Android powered smartphone, heading to Cricket wireless and may continue the success of recently Huawei Ascent family (Huawei Ascent M860, Ascent 2, Ascent TapOut) that reportedly Cricket and MetroPCS have sold about 2 million phones in its debut.

Huawei Glory aka M866, still in friendly price corner for Android devices, but offers cool hadwares and Android Gingerbread onboard with upgradable to Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0), powered by 1.4 Ghz Qualcomm MSM8566T processor, Huawei claims its a dual-core.

One somewhat surprising, as written by PCMag (), Huawei Glory equipped with EVDO Rev. B network technology capabilities, but will be shipped only with 3G EVDO Rev. A, since the Cricket and the U.S. market doesn't have EVDO Rev. B service for now. Then, is EVDO Rev. B on the Glory indicates that the device will be marketed in countries outside the U.S. which already have EVDO Rev. B operator. We'll find out about this.

No pricing information and the official release date, but it is mentioned in November 2011 at Cricket and the possibility of a price under $300 pre-paid. Stay alert!.

Jan 2012:  Huawei M886 (named Glory here) officially launched by Cricket at January 2012 under the name "Huawei Mercury". It support 2G CDMA 1x and 3G EVDO data, powered by 1.4 GHz processor, 512 RAM and equipped with a 2 GB internal memory and a microSD slot  for up to 32 Gb of additional external storage.

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